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Dejan Tiago-Stanković (PDF) Estoril ratni roman

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Dovanje američke vojne luke Perl Harbor i savezničko iskrcavanje u Normandiji Šef Ef Bi Aja Edvard Huver nije poslušao njegovo upozorenje Britanija mu je dodelila orden porodica Bajloni ga volela a njemu su u srcu bili porodica Beograd i Dubrovnik Družio se u Lisabonu i Evropi s Jovanom Dučićem i svetskim džet setom prošao kroz živote Miloša Crnjanskog i Antoana de Sent Egziperija U stvari spasavao je svet Ova knjiga govori o tome I o mnogo čemu jošDejan Tiago Stanković napisao je izvrstan uzbudljiv roman prvenacVladislav Bajac. Thrilling and enjoyable read Set in WW2 Portugal Estoril brings together an array of interesting historical figures including chess grandmaster Alexander Alekhine king Carol Ian Fleming and his presumed James Bond inspiration Dusko Popov Antoine de Saint Exup ry and many What I loved most was how you could sense the tension of the war and follow its coming to an end through seemingly mundane dialogues Even though Estoril was in neutral Portugal it was not entirely secluded from world affairs This is one of those books that anyone can enjoy but the experience becomes richer with every single reference historical or cultural that you have previously read about

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Estoril ratni roman

U Među njima su se našli špijuni svih zaraćenih strana avanturisti diplomate vagabundi bivši kraljevi sirotani i bogataši – sve do porodica Rotšild i HabzburgGlavni jugoslovenskisrpski lik je dvostruki tajni agent koji bi se mogao ovako predstaviti „Zovem se Popov Duško Popov“ Asocijacija na Džejmsa Bonda je ispravna – to je istorijska ličnost čovek po kojem je Jan Fleming stvorio lik o Džejmsu Bondu Reč je o nemačko britanskom dvostrukom agentu koji je imao jednu od najvažnijih uloga u događajima pred japansko bombar. My interest in this book turned out to lie in the real people and events that prompted the author s fictionalised account I hadn t appreciated the fascinating time and place that was Estoril during WWII and I calculate that I spent at least as much time following his leads across the internet as I did actually turning the pages of his novel I found the ways he linked the characters usually through the young Jewish boy Gaby travelling alone and always receptive to new friends a little clunky sometimes but that is only a very minor niggle in an overall enjoyable read I particularly appreciated being reminded of The Little Prince and was much taken with the author s portrayal of Antoine de Saint Exupery certainly my favourite of the visitors to Estoril presented here All that remains for me now to complete the experience is to book a room at the Palacio Estoril to see how it compares with the vision in my mind s eye I understand it is little changed from its heyday in the 1940sWith thanks to Head of Zeus via NetGalley for the opportunity of an ARC

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Junak romana može biti i građevina„Estoril“ je čuveno letovalište kraj Lisabona koji je tokom Drugog svetskog rata zahvaljujući portugalskoj neutralnosti bio centar nekih od sudbinskih događaja po Evropu i svet ali i stecište najvažnijih poznatih i anonimnih aktera vekaNeposlušnost jednog portugalskog konzula spasla je smrti hiljade ljudi pred Hitlerovim nacizmom Tako je Lisabon kao tada najveći izbeglički logor za razliku od onih – koncentracionih privremeno udomio ljude svih nacionalnosti kako bi im obezbedio put za Amerik. All this information was to be taken with a grain of salt of course because in the world of espionage nothing was as it seemed and nobody could swear to knowing the whole truth This was uite an unusual and extremely entertaining reading choice Part spy novel part Historical Fiction it proved to be an excellent novel built in layers that may have looked simple and light hearted but in my opinion were anything but The tragedy of war the loss of human lives the annihilation of everything one may consider as granted provide a bleak background with a colourful cast of characters and an atmosphere lascivious decadent almost surrealWe are in Estoril a town on the Portuguese Riviera during the culmination of the Second World War Estoril was a centre of diplomacy and espionage battle Its beaches hotels and the Grande Casino Internacional created a destination of luxury adventure and elegant political games It is here that we find an eclectic group of exiles during the darkest period in History They come from everywhere armed with their own motives and expectations their distinctive personalities and the strong influence and beliefs of their homelands How can one handle these customers who resemble a living breathing nuclear bomb This was my initial thought And yet they coexist and cooperate bound together by a common desire A desire for the war to end for the madness to seize for a life that will not be ruled by fear and loss The fellow is English His name is Fleming Ian Fleming The cast is a wonderful mix of historical figures and complex fictional characters Mr Black is the one who runs the Palacio and has been appointed the Herculean task to keep all these people who have found refuge there satisfied and safe In the midst of the almost surreal madness where everyone spies on everyone we meet Gaby A clever Jewish 10 year old boy whose parents are away and who seems to hold as many secrets as the adult members of our company His uestions and the way he thinks and acts are absolutely fascinatingAnd now if you re not prepared for major fangirling of epic proportions fasten your seatbelts Du ko was my absolute favourite character Call me over enthusiastic but he is so interesting so masterfully written And what s important He is a historical figure Du ko Popov was a Serbian double agent recruited by the British who fed the Nazis with false information He is said to be a major inspiration for the character of James Bond and his risky bet in a baccarat table provided Ian Fleming who appears in the novel with the basis for Casino Royale I fell in love with him instantly Underneath his suave dashing demeanor lies the familiar tragic story of a person who knows exactly where his allegiance is placed A person whose homeland has been cut into pieces Beyond the facade he is far loyal to his nation than everyone believes him to be His family happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time They were turned into refugees exiled from their own hometown because of Hitler s lunacy The writer describes a situation faced by a terrifying number of people during the Balkan conflicts and an ordeal that Stankovi himself had to face You ll see one day Other words are bad Poverty war death these are bad words Underneath the cosmopolitan seductive atmosphere the brilliant interactions and the beguiling prose we can find the horror of war the mind games of victory and defeat There is a marvelous section that echoes Exupery s another famous cameo in the novel masterpiece The Little Prince there are the first hints concerning the Japanese attack in Pearl Harbor and the most powerful passage describing the Operation Retribution bombing of Belgrade by the Luftwaffe in 1941 and particularly the collapse of the Church of the Ascension during a liturgy And then the breaking of civil war between residents of different religions And History continues on and on and onI cannot recommend this book enough The writing style the characters the lively atmosphere A novel that brings forth crucial issues of the past and the present in a calm balanced artistic manner A uniue read for one of the darkest and most fascinating eras Volcanic islands in the polar north visit me in my dreams my beloved homeland Paris my dead friends cherries in China Night after night I dream about Belgrade beautiful and splendid than it is In my dreams I see images of my youth of the village the occasional butterfly field poppies wheat Sometimes I hear footsteps I look only to discover that it is not her because her voice is full of laughter it s not like this What I hear is some kind of inarticulate screeching Instead of her I see a bird with wild black wings Many thanks to Head of Zeus and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange of an honest reviewMy reviews can also be found on

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    ‘’All this information was to be taken with a grain of salt of course because in the world of espionage nothing was as it seemed and nobody could swear to knowing the whole truth’’ This was uite an unusual and extremely entertaining reading choice Part spy novel part Historical Fiction it proved to be

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    From A to Z around the World – S is for Serbia I know the order is all over the place but I will get to start from A eventually I was lookin

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    This is wonderful historical fiction set in a supposedly neutral Portugal at the Grand Hotel Estoril during WW2 It capture

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    I was very keen to read this novel as the coastline between Lisbon and Sintra is my favourite place for holidays where the abandone

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    Famed for its beautiful sandy beaches Estoril is a fashionable Portuguese beach resort on the Iberian Peninsula During the Second World War its authoritarian pro fascist regime elected to remain neutral but continued to trade with the Allies

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    My interest in this book turned out to lie in the real people and events that prompted the author’s fictionalised accoun

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    Thrilling and enjoyable read Set in WW2 Portugal Estoril brings together an array of interesting historical figures including chess grandmaster

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    See of my book reviews on my blog Literary FlitsIt's becoming a repeatedly bizarre coincidence having previously hardly noticed any references that since I read The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery the book seems to be getting namechecked everywhere In Estoril Saint Exupery himself makes an appearance and befriends a young Jewish ref

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    The story begins on July 26th 1940 in ESTORIL Portugal Luxury Hotel Palacio is the main character of this war novel and the secrets that are kept between its walls about that “golden age of Riviera” when the refugees from the war thorn Eur

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    ‘His name is Fleming Ian Fleming’A grand hotel near Lisbon is the setting for this wry novel about stateless refugees and exiles during the Second World War The reader meets the hotel staff gets to know the lon

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