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Running into your ex is hard enough without a dangerous stalker in the mix Charles Hunter’s team is on a mission to extract an unidentified ATF agent from an undercover job gone wrong All they’ve got to go on is the rendezvous location until Charles recognizes the ex he hasn’t seen in years Their “simple rescue mission” is abou. Reread via audiobook OctoberNovember 2018 ngel s accent is to die for Great job Nick J Russo great job Original review45My initial thoughts about this book At the beginning I was just waiting for Tom Cruise to pop up and the Mission Impossible theme playing in the background Soon though it felt like an episode of Criminal Minds and since I m a fan of both of the latter than of the former I enjoyed every minute of this storyI simply love the writing style of this author and after finishing her free stories Close Protection and Control which she unfortunately removed from the internet I could not get my grabby hands on this book fast enough I dropped everything else for it and it was so worth the wait As for me the author did another great job with this bookI always felt adventurous Umm only in my head and dreams of course After reading this book I m so glad to have a boring but safe office job Living the life of an undercover agent constantly living in fear of getting your cover blown up in your face sometimes being forced to carry it to extremes and do everything to survive sleeping with the enemy just being one of your problems only to get back to your fellow agents where you have to prove you have not gone rogue Your life will never be the same again and you have to struggle to get back to normal Urgh thank you very much After two years undercover in a Mexican drug cartel ATF agent ngel Medina needs to get extracted from this organization ASAP and finds himself face to face with his former colleague and lover Charles Hunter Both had an hmm let s say rather explosive relationship Charles glanced sideways watching ngel curled up comfortably on his couch barefoot and wearing Charles s T shirt How could he haver ever talked himself into believing this was going to work He d never been able to spend any length of time in ngel s company without fucking him fighting with him or doing both simultaneously ngel had set Charles on fire the moment they d met and while those flames had banked and flared over the years they d never been extinguished that ended in a clusterfuck with ngel leaving for his assignment subseuently There is a good portion of guilt and stubbornness left on both sides what makes it uite difficult to talk things out and solve their issues in the first place But the mutual attraction and whatever they feel for each other is still there He and ngel kept acting like they d ended things with that blowout fight Since ngel had left so abruptly afterward though the truth was that they d just pressed Pause and of course both can t keep their hands off of each other for long Phew and the author can write hot sex scenes I ll give her that But as soon as the sparks fly and they are drawn to each other the moment passes as uickly as it came and they are driven apart once again in a heartbeat with Charles being a closeted case and their lack of willingness to forgive each other getting in the wayAdd a stalker to the mix who pursues ngel at every turn and who seems to be constantly one step ahead and things are getting out of control very fast The stalker seems to escalate and and so does ngel and Charles s relationship And when Charles finally gets to the point to admit his feelings for ngel to himself and that he might be the only person who makes his life worth living it s almost too lateI loved ngel from his first appearance but I had a few problems with Charles Never Charlie this introduction really says it all at the beginning I could not really warm up to his somewhat cold and detached personality and that s the reason why I gave this book only 45 stars instead of 5 But he grew on me and at the end I really liked him and loved the way how understanding he became to give ngel his much needed space If you love a great mystery romance with a story that is action packed and biting your nails thrilling that has you almost constantly on the edge of your seat with an at the same time hot and vulnerable hero read this book

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Can't Hide from Me

T to get a lot complicated For Ángel Medina adjusting to life after his cartel nightmare is hard enough without confronting memories of a failed relationship All he wants is a fresh start But when a violent stalker lashes out from the shadows Ángel realizes his nightmare is far from over As the stalker’s obsession escalates and bodies. This was funI expected no less from CordeliaThe Spanish was awesome I was close to tears with the proper use of the opening exclamation and interrogation signs and the syntax with the verb and noun conjugations the use of accents and the loving nicknames That cielito made me laugh and swoon in eual parts It s not that I m fond of nicknames themselves but I loved how the author made her homework and wasn t content with online translatorsAnd yes there are lots of Spanish sentences dialogues and isolated words now and then Not only because of the Mexican cartel but also because of some of the good characters themselves speaking this language So maybe it can be a little challenging for non Spanish speakers but I suppose the general idea is understoodAlso ngel with accent I can t tell how delighted I m with this ngel is not an angel at allThere were a few minor mistakes though A few forgotten accents Just the sort that are easy to overlook if you are not paying attention Nothing really important Still I hope they are corrected once this book is released ngel shrugged He also had a wife an several girlfriends It was no threat to his mach smo to fuck a man the same way he would a woman Correct word machismo But I m not sure if machismo is the proper word in this specific context I d say masculinidad fits there too maybe even better Above all after this Ra l didn t respect me his particular concept of masculinity meant he couldn t treat me as an eual if he was going to fuck me Later we have Como est s Pues m s o menos Correct version C mo est sSometimes names have accents sometimes they don t I m not delighted with this constant changes but in USA accents tend to disappear Anyway there was a character Mexican who was called Manuel Juarez no accent but then the author mentions Ciudad Ju rez Mexican with accent This made me laugh Hard Fucking Spanish Says he doesn t like not knowing what they re saying around him I told him Johnny those fuckers are gonna come to America they gotta speak American You know Jesus Christ My sentiments exactly ngel was undercover in a Mexican cartel As the toy boy of an important mafioso Once this mafioso is killed he s at risk to he asks for a way out The team in charge of this mission is Charles s one And it s not a nice reencounterCharles is black ngel is Hispanic I loved how naturally Cordelia describes the characters No coffee skin or other ambiguous terms just straight to the point In my head ngel was white as no further description was provided with a mischievous glance that makes Charles nervous often than not I don t know if I m wrong but that s how I imagine him Charles is serious and tries to keep the distances and the anger awake he also has the biggest cock ngel has ever seen which I think is a clich but whateverI love how shamelessly Cordelia writes sex scenes They are porny Every time I read a book of hers I know what I will get and I rub my hands in advance Dirty talk is mandatory with her And dirty sex In fact I was disappointed there weren t hot scenes There should have been and longerEven I think this book should have been longer The love department needed a deeper development Things are doomed since the very beginning because of a past that none of them can forget nor forgive So they don t talk they don t form a bond They fuck instead Multiple times Then the relationship seems finished for good after a Big Revelation and then all hell breaks loose with the stalker taking the reins of the situation At this stage of the story the MCs find out that nothing really matters only them together Because of the danger and the oh my god you almost died vibes everything is solved I feel the book should have dedicated a few chapters to the after to the re bonding the getting to know each other for real But that didn t happen Or happened off stageThe mystery part was weak I suck in mysteries but I figured who the baddie was once this character s good fa ade makes an appearance A pitySo it was an entertaining read Not the best by Cordelia but good enough to hold my attention until the very endPicsview spoiler hide spoiler

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Start dropping Charles and Ángel are thrown together in a desperate search for the culprit Tempers flare and old passions reignite drawing them back into the same turbulent relationship that once ended in disaster But the stalker isn’t letting go and the next strike might hit straight through the heart Word count 89700; page count 343. Let me preface this by saying I really wanted to like this book I don t want to give any spoilers away so I am listing only 2 reasons why this wasn t for ME I have no doubt it will be a fantastic read for others so please don t let my review dissuade you1 I knew who the stalkerkiller was right away I mean the moment of the character s introduction2 I hate when TRAINED law enforcement officers do dumb shit I expect it out of civilians but I expect from them I don t mean small mistakes but REALLY dumb shitI have many reasons but they would spoil the story

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    This is one of those times One of those books I had very personal reasons for disliking this book and after commenting on what did work for me I will try to go on what I didn't like and explain myself e best I canThis book

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    Edited to add 31218Gross I feel like an asshat for raving about how well her her editor worked together now so I'm striking all that out Group Review425 HeartsLong ago when I was but a mini Cupcake and we still bought our C

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    'Reread' via audiobook OctoberNovember 2018 Ángel's accent is to die for Great job Nick J Russo great job Original review45My initial thoughts about this book At the beginning I was just waiting for Tom Cruise to pop up and the Mission Impossible theme playing in the background ; Soon though it felt like an episode of Criminal Minds and sin

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    This was funI expected no less from CordeliaThe Spanish was awesome I was close to tears with the proper use of th

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    35 stars round down because the last chapter felt rushed and the ending was unsatisfactory A follow up novella would be niceCharles and AngelI had a tough time liking these guys for most of the book I couldn't un

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    5 stars for Nick J Russo's narration389 for the story It was hot Charles and Angel had some serious sexual chemistry in bed but i did not fee

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    Leave it to Cordelia Kingsbridge to mix suspense action endearing characters hotness in one book This time it’s about An

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    I was looking forward to read my first Cordelia Kingsbridge and maybe because her books are very popular and have

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    Let me preface this by saying I really wanted to like this book I don't want to give any spoilers away so I am listing only 2 reasons

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    45When I need of something good I can always count on Cordelia Kingsbridge and she didn't disappoint She doesn't know how to write cookie cutter characters and combined with an AB by Nick J Russo? KRYPTONITEAs usual CK delivered a story populated by diverse characters strong women and unapologetically sexual beings Brava The icin

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