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[Summary Libido Dominandi Sexual Liberation and Political Control] epub AUTHOR E. Michael Jones

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Most friendly to murder Like St Augustine the Maruis de Sade would agree that freedom was a function of morals Unlike St Augustine Sade proposed a revolution in sexual morals to accompany the political revolution then taking place in France Libido Dominandi the term is taken from Book I of Augustine's City of God is the definitive history of that sexual revolution from 1773 to the presentUnlike the standard version of the sexual revolution Libido Dominandi shows how sexual liberation was from its inception a form of control Those who wished to liberate man from the moral order needed to impose social controls as soon as they succeeded because liberated libido led inevitably to anarchy Aldous Huxley wrote in his pref. This book has much to offer but with a careful eyeA man Augustine had written has as many masters as he has vices This is a tagline for Libido Dominandi Sexual Liberation and Political Control by E Michael Jones and he keeps returning to this theme throughout this massive work This book has something to offer but with a careful eye Jones tackles an enormous topic and comes out mostly sideways He s neither a good scholar nor a good writer Still the text is readable and enjoyable if not a bit like racing through a museum with a curator who s calling your attention to all the things plastered all over the walls and ceilings But it s what kept me reading to the end Jones is part historian part biographer He s wide ranging in his approach because he loops in any event or any person he believes to be connected to his current discussion He unearths minutia that doesn t seem to readily fit the context of his larger issue He can literally jump back and forth 200 hundred years within a sentence or two What I m saying is that reading the book can be a bit dizzying Sure each chapter is headed with a city and seuential date but that often doesn t matter For example Part II Chapter 7 is titled Balti 1916 and the chapter begins In the 1930 edition of his famous book Wut You just told me were in 1916 And by the end of each chapter you re sometimes years or even decades ahead of where you started It can be a bit confusing until you get used to itThen there s the name dropping or I should say lack of tight scholarship Jones uite often assumes you know who or what he s talking about when he mentions a new name or term or event I found myself many times re reading paragraphs above the text where I was in order to see where this name appeared before But that s just how he writes He ll often uote other writers writing about events or other people and simply write something like this Hitler according to Igra was a homosexual prostitute in Vienna p 198 Hitler was gay Wut Huh Imagine your shock if you ve never read anything about this in any other book And who is Igra Check the notes Nothing Check the bibliography Nothing Check the index One instance On page 198 Google his name Samuel Igra is the author of a book titled Germany s National Vice Okay So this happens a lot Jones drops names and events without any context He s not as bad of a writer as say Jared Diamond in Guns Germs and Steel though which I couldn t get through Other books and authors are mentioned in passing not fully explained and then left behind One of note is The Clam Pate Orgy google it I m old enough to remember when this book came out Another is the Moynihan Report of the 1960s Again if I had not known of both of these before reading Jones book I would have been left staring at the page wondering what and why they were in his book And some names you d think he d use are never mentioned or lightly passed over The Frankfurt School Jews and Hollywood Operation Mockingbird Hugh Hefner and Gloria Steinem being CIA assets among othersJones drops a variety of Latin phrases left and right too ad nauseam heh have your laptop or mobile handy as you read to provide translations Several times he provides a title of a movie or pamphlet or book in the original language for example French or German without an English translation Not helpful I had to search many terms and after a while simply gave up One was the German word Kulturbolschewismus Cultural Bolshevism Now if you don t know this term you will miss a lot of the deeper meaning of Jones text So be prepared to do a bit of your own digging as you re reading the bookIn many cases Jones assumes much from his reader too He doesn t go into much detail at all about the decadence and excesses of Germany s Weimar Republic And decadence and excess don t really do the period justice Look this stuff up for yourselfHe needed a good editor desperately Typographical and grammatical errors abound I can t recall Jones using any passages from the Bible to support his thesis which is a real shame because it would have illuminated one of the many axes he s grinding here which is some people enjoy the evil they do The light has come into the world and people who do evil things are judged guilty because they love the dark than the light John 319 It s even of a shame when he gets so entangled in his Catholicism that he s blinded to the basic tenets of Christianity His misreading of the concept of the priesthood of all believers is particularly troubling p 499 I was also disappointed in what Jones didn t discuss real pornography and its affect on the human mind He literally skips over the 1950s founding of Playboy and the 1960s too and dabbles in it when he gets to the Meese Commission on PornographyBut there is good stuff Much of itYou ll read about such disparate men and events as Augustine Plato the Maruis de Sade the French Revolution the Illuminati Nietzsche Freud Jews Christianity the Bolshevik Revolution communism the Armory Show Margaret Sanger and the early eugenicists Kulaks Bernays father of modern advertising Madison Avenue race relations white flight contraception Planned Parenthood Thomas Merton Jack Kerouac Kinsey his open marriage his bisexuality his self harm issues an attempt to circumcise himself and his urethral sounding fetish liberation is fine but yikes Norman Mailer and his essay The White Negro Skull and Bones Aleister Crowley encounter groups MK Ultra the list is nearly endless and Jones wends and winds and ties them all together Sometimes not so neatly But it s always interesting and he drops gems throughout Such asLiberalism by the inner dynamic of its logic was forced to become an instrument of social control in order to avoid the chaos which it created by its own erosion of tradition and morals Democratic man could not be left to his own devices chaos would result The logic is clear If there is no God there can be no religion if there was no religion there can be no morals if there are no morals there can be no self control if there is no self control there can be no social order if there is no social order there can be nothing but the chaos of competing desire p 187It feminism entailed the systematic re engineering of the morals of women as a way of moving them out of the home and into the workforce thereby lowering wages and weakening the power of organized labor and the working class family p 255The state can tolerate only those s compatible with its system of values The classical state must foster virtue the revolutionary state must foster vice p 260 1Those who look at the Betty Page photos fifty years later wonder what the big deal was all about without realizing that the big deal lies in the very fact that the viewer can no longer feel the passion the photos were intended to incite Pornography is something based on transgression and the boundaries of 1950 have been so often and so thoroughly transgressed that no one can see that they were once boundaries p 367Written 20 years ago Jones seems prescient across the culture to what we see today child drag ueen shows 10 year old drag kid Desmond is Amazing on Good Morning America Drag ueen Story Hour at your local library children under 10 transitioning genders and having gender reassignment surgery suburban moms skyrocketing 50 Shades of Gray to national bestseller lists off the charts STD rates Sugar BabySugar Daddy websites NEXIUM sex cult Epstein Island horror show dentist chair baby toys google actively censors this so use duck duck go young women being promiscuous than men General Social Survey children s creepy clothing lines Caroline Bosmans the UK trying to ban porn for under 18s cannibalism in our TV shows and movies and on and onHow did we get here A wise man told us 2000 years ago A little leaven leavens the whole bunchI liked it35 Goodreads45 PS If Libido Dominandi is your type of book other readings and viewings you might enjoy and which will help your reading and understanding of it include Staring into Chaos nonfiction history The Kulaks Must be Liuidated as a Class article National Review Bob Fosse s Cabaret article The Unz Review and Century of the Self documentary

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Libido Dominandi Sexual Liberation and Political Control

Ace to the 1946 edition of Brave New World that as political and economic freedom diminishes sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase This book is about the converse of that statement It explains how the rhetoric of sexual freedom was used to engineer a system of covert political and social control Over the course of the two hundred year span covered by this book the development of technologies of communication reproduction and psychic control including psychotherapy behaviorism advertising sensitivity training pornography and plain old blackmail allowed the Enlightenment and its heirs to turn Augustine's insight on its head and create masters out of men's vices Libido Dominandi is the story of how that happen. Jones never says in five hundred words what can be said in ten thousand which wouldn t be a problem if his thinking was a bit concise And it isn t that his paleo conservativeJesuit honed ideas are so off putting at least Buchanan and Gottfried are capable of cogent thought it s that his long winded discursions many times lead to dead ends or go on so long that Jones seems to lose the thread He can be a deep thinker when he s focused but this book is padded than exhaustiveThe thesis Jones presents that there is an inverse rather than positive correlation between sexual liberation and political oppression has been put forward before by Huxley and later by Devlin and Faye much cogently Skip this one unless you plan on becoming a hermit or serving a very long prison sentence and you need something to do when not attempting to build a Westminster Abbey model with toothpicks and glue

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Thus a good man though a slave is free; but a wicked man though a king is a slave For he serves not one man alone but what is worse as many masters as he has vices St Augustine City of God Writing at the time of the collapse of the Roman Empire St Augustine both revolutionized and brought to a close antiuity's idea of freedom A man was not a slave by nature or by law as Aristotle claimed His freedom was a function of his moral state A man had as many masters as he had vices This insight would provide the basis for the most sophisticated form of social control known to manFourteen hundred years later a decadent French aristocrat turned that tradition on its head when he wrote that the freest of people are they who are. I feel compelled to point out that this book would have benefited from a firm editorial hand It can be rambling sometimes disorganized often repetitive and several of the twisting meandering yarns of thought that weave the chapters together could stand to be drawn straighter and tighterHaving said that this book s thesis that sexuality and particularly sexual appetites and permissiveness is increasingly becoming a tool of cultural and political domination is too important to be ignoredIt is difficult to see a positive way forward and the book paints our prospects as decidedly bleak What is needed is not a simple correction or adjustment of policy man does not need techniues but resolute character shaped by the moral law The book presumes that it is the role of the state to cultivate virtue or at the very least to repress agencies which drive the worst kinds of vice but that prospect worries me just as deeply as our current moral anarchism My concern can be summed up thusly whose definition of virtue will the state champion Naturally I would like for it to be my own but so would many others including precisely the kinds of wicked men who are leading us down our current primrose pathConsider for example the book s supposition that pornography is highly addictive By analogy to other aspects of current US law it seems that it should therefore be regulated see eg how the law treats alcohol age limits tobacco age limits plus compulsory anti advertising and narcotics prohibition But such a proposition puts our current power brokers in a bind pornography has already been not only loosed upon the masses but mainstreamed making masturbation a national sport and sucking the political wind from the sails of any effort to cram that cat back into the bag The result is a state which may claim as many of the people s liberties as it wishes so long as it is not seen by them as taking away any of their precious vices Huxley s Orgy Porgy suddenly seems much prescient than Orwell s Big BrotherAbsent from the book is a notion of repentance and I think this is the key to unlocking the bind of sexual political domination Throughout it is asserted as fait accompli that once sexual corruption has gotten its hooks into someone that person is then and must perpetually remain a slave to the whims of whomever is able to manipulate those passions by being seen as their guarantor linking them with some other political end capitalizing upon them through commerce etc But what would happen if as a rule we took to confessing our sexual sins instead of trying to hide them Not mere private confession in which dark secrets remain in our closets and not mere exhibitionism that would just be public pornography but earnest public confession that we have sinned against God and man that we recognize it as sin that we make no excuses for it and that we do not wish for others coming after us to bear the terrible weight of the same sins of which we are guilty In the default human mode of secrecy and shame people are unable to turn against their sexual masters for fear of being outed eg by Masters who took sexual histories from politicians and wealthy men who then promptly decided to fund his work or of being called hypocrites usually by others so enmeshed in fornication adultery and lust that the accusation is itself hypocritical but does this power not disappear as soon as those same people are willing to replace secrecy and shame with a truly Christian lifestyle of confession and repentance

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    This without any doubt is one of the most important and insightful books I have EVER read Please note that what follows is a very unorthodox politically incorrect to the extreme and personal reflection Read at y

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    Libido Dominandi is the first draft of a great work As it is it is a failure suffering from shoddy writing poor research and a wandering and inconsistent thesis What should be an erudite and compelling polemic ag

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    I feel compelled to point out that this book would have benefited from a firm editorial hand It can be rambling sometimes

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    sheeeeeeeesh California is making better sense since I started this one Sometimes his catholicism creeps in and taints his analyses slightly but it is still uite helpful and you could probably actually defend your family from politica

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    This book in my case experienced as an audiobook read and slightly augmented by the venerable Alex Linder who has many audio books up

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    This book has much to offer but with a careful eyeA man Augustine had written has as many masters as he has vices This is a tagline for Libido Dominandi Sexual Liberation and Political Control by E Michael Jones and he keeps

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    I've long held a suspicion that yoga pants were a form of brainwashing used to keep men in thrall to the establis

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    This is a very informative book After reading it I realize I was victimized long ago by a diabolical plot Sadly this diabolical plot i

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    Jones never says in five hundred words what can be said in ten thousand which wouldn't be a problem if his thinking was a bit concise And it isn't that his paleo conservativeJesuit honed ideas are so off putting at least Buchanan and Gottfried are capable of cogent thought; it's that his long winded discursions many times lead to dead ends or go on so long that Jones seems to lose the thread He can be a deep thinker when he's focu

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    In short Fantastic book poorly edited ranty writingI would give it five stars for the well researched content and information but unfortunately EMJ isn't the best of writers and needs an editor badly This book is 668 pages long and could've probably been done in 500It starts off with the founding of the Illuminat

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