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Ring author of the Hunter Kincaid Mysteries “There’s a reason George Wier ranks among my favorite authors The man is a first class storyteller who never fails to entertain me with his captivating tales of Texas intrigue and mystery He’s done it again with Murder in Elysium the story of an old murder in a small town where secrets and betrayal lurk just below the calm surface and you never know what skeletons hang in the closets of the folks you nod to on Main Street or sit next to at the counter of the diner Don’t start this book until you have time to read it all the way through because like all of Wier’s books you won’t be able to put it down” Nick Russell Author of the Big Lake mystery series There will be to co.

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Murder In Elysium

Years dead and gone George Wier is the author of the popular online Bill Travis Mysteries and co author of Long Fall From Heaven Cinco Puntos Press 2013 He writes noir crime novels science fiction and steampunk ACCOLADES for Murder In Elysium George Wier has done it again Murder in Elysium is the multi layered dark tale of a decades old murder in this small picturesue Texas town Police Chief Shane Robeling still searches for the killer and his association with Elysium iscomplicated Razor sharp distinctive characters and a wicked twisting storyline; these are Wier’s forte and he is at the top of his game in this tale of murder secrets and lies in a town whose surface beauty hides both violence and depravity underneath Billy K.

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It’s murder in paradise Who killed local debutante Delores Fogel in the sleepy Central Texas town of Elysium Benjamin LeFren was exonerated for the crime and released from jail thirty years after the fact thanks in part to Shane Robeling former FBI Agent and now Elysium’s Chief of Police But now Shane is not so sure of LeFren’s innocence When LeFren shows up in Elysium Shane must now guard LeFren from the townspeople he has sworn to protect and the only way to do that is to hire him as his ranch foreman thus in theory keeping him out of harm’s way But then the psychological warfare begins As the local death toll begins to mount Shane must discover whether it is LeFren carrying out the killings or someone else from thirty.

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    Murder in Elysium incitefyl and entertainingTo read this after Sentinel was a way that I could understand the timeline and characters I like it mucho👍👍👍👍

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    great readI haven't come across a George Weir book yet that I haven't enjoyed thoroughly I hope to continue on with one of my favorite authors

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