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Patti Landes Kinzie ( Kindle ePUB ) Sally Ann

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Sally Ann is the second Generation in the Mormon Girl SeriesWhen Sally Ann's father dies of the fever her heart nearly breaks as she deals with her loss Her mother is faced with raising eight children alone until she hears of the restored Gospel and the eternal blessings that await.

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Sally Ann

Storical fiction based on journals from the author's grandmothersThe first book in the series Abigail tells of a young girl living in Ohio in the early 1800s Sally Ann later becomes Abigail's daughter in law Other books include stories of Abigail's granddaughters Mary Ellen and Anni.

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Her in the temple The family moves to Nauvoo to be with the Saints where Mama joins the LDS Church They move into the home of an ornery old woman named Elsa who teaches Sally Ann a great deal about patience She also receives answers to her uestions about Papa's death This book is hi.

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