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On the path of solitary bachelorhood But a freak storm grips the country and a young woman uite literally crashes into his lifeAlison Robinson is a teacher who having discovered her husband’s infidelity has run from the family home Not a good idea in the worst snow storm on record Initially wary of the bear of a man who has rescued her Alison soon sees beneath the gruff exterior to the lonely man within and on their own with no distractions a friendship de.


Weathering the Storm

How many 37 year old male virgins do you know Not many Well meet Will Barnes This is his story And before you ask he isn’t ugly He’s tall dark and not far from handsome It’s probably difficult to understand how such a man is still a virgin Circumstance mainly Will’s life hasn’t been easy Add in his crippling shyness and well the whole making love thing just didn’t happenIf it hadn’t been for the snow Will’s life would probably have continued.

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Velops which uickly turns to attraction‘Weathering The Storm’ is a love story But the path of true love has never run smoothly and it doesn’t here As the snow melts an abusive husband and the ghost of a dead wife threaten to destroy Will’s and Alison’s happinessExploring themes such as suicide infidelity and a non consummated marriage the novel follows Will’s sexual awakening It’s a cocktail of humour sadness tragedy and above all else – love.

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    I read this before in its nascent form before the author published it I'd forgotten how natural and flowing her writing style is This

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    A good idea that turns sillyIdea of the story was good but it wasn't properly developed in plot of characterization Had several format and convention errors More like a draft than a final story

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    I just finished Weathering the Storm and absolutely could not put it down My Kindle ran out of battery so I plugged it in and continued It's

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