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Ebook [Hard Road (Jon Reznick Thriller Series Book 1) womens rights] by J B Turner – PDF, TXT & Kindle ePUB free

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Turner has written a book which combines the paranoid conspiracy of Three Days of the Condor with the relentless action of the Reacher thrillers Crime Fiction Lovera great addition to the thriller genre with all the necessary ingredients reuired to deliver the goods tension drama thrills and a cast of tough no nonsense characters ShotsMagazineIts a cliche to say the action never stops but in Hard Road it really NEVER stops and the number of destroyed vehicles gets close to Fast and Furious levels But its all completely believable and totally engrossing I read it straight through and enjoyed every page Terry Irving Author of Courier and WarriorThis was a non stop thriller I dont think my heart has stopped pounding since I put it down a minute agoJulie L MinkreviewerThis fast paced thriller has all the makings of one heck of a ride It felt like a motion picture in my brain Suspenseful engaging with many gripping twists and turns that make it a five star read Theresa HughesreviewerThis book was truly one I couldnt put down I havent enjoyed reading this type of book since the original Mitch Rapps books I think have found a replacementReviewerThis is from a SHOTS magazine interview with JB Turner on the release of HARD ROADThis first in a series introduces us to ex Delta Force operative Jon Reznick and FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein Tasked with an assassination which goes wrong from the outset Jon Reznick takes his intended target into hiding when he discovers that the man is not who he has been led to believe Realising that he has been misled by his paymaster Maddox and now doesn t know who to trust he tries to find out what is going on But when his year old daughter Lauren is abducted and her life threatened unless he produces his captive it is very evident that he has become embroiled in something far bigger than he thought and that a huge threat faces the establishment he believes inAs a first uestion I found this story the first in a new series very cinematic indeed In keeping with movie projects what would be your elevator pitch for the novel JB T Payback starring Mel Gibson meets Enemy of the State starring Will SmithShots I can see that Both great conspiracy thrillersYour economic writing style highlights your background in journalism Do you consciously allow that economy of style to influence you or is it simply so ingrained you don t worry about it JB T It is undoubtedly ingrained in me As a journalist from day one it was drilled into me to convey the story in.

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Hard Road (Jon Reznick Thriller Series Book 1)

A non verbose manner So complex stories can be boiled down to a simple opening sentence and so the reader gets the gist of the story in less than twenty words I m a big fan of stripped down prose James Ellroy is one of the very best in the crime genre I also love the writing of Michael Connelly a former journalist himself Less isis my motto with regards writing Oh and Richard Stark is a favourite tooShots Was there any specific incident that prompted this idea the threat of home grown bio terrorism on the Washington Metro or did it build out of other events JB T I can t remember when it was but I read about an experiment by the US government in New York that happened in the s Scientists tested biological pathogens in public places In one experiment a light bulb containing Bacillus globigii was dropped on New York s subway system The result affected people prone to illness and was known as the Subway Experiment Based on the circulation measurements thousands would have been killed if a microbe was released in a similar manner But it was reading about this test that sparked my imagination and sowed the seeds for what became Hard RoadShots I found the pace and tension of the scenes on the Metro extremely gripping and vivid Did you do any research down in the bowels of Washington for this JB T With that particular scene I used extensive research into the Metro and its layout The Internet provides authors these days with a marvellous research tool which is invaluable Maps diagrams essays on the Metro there are countless avenues of information availableShots You ve written two books in another series with a female central character Miami Heraldreporter Deborah Jones With Martha Meyerstein taking a goodly share of the action in Hard Road you clearly like writing about tough women Is this in any way intentional for readers In the UK at least the majority of crime thriller readers are womenJB T I think it was important to me that the Meyerstein character an FBI Assistant Director was not only strong and tough but smart On my last visit to Miami I met a very impressive female Special Agent who provided me with some of the inspiration Highly intelligent non nonsense and professional she gave me an invaluable insight into the work of the FBI and the attributes of their agentsShots Does your own background include any useful insights into the character of the FBI and its ways and indeed to the American landscape and character or are you writing from adistant viewpoint JB T When I was a jo.

Summary Hard Road (Jon Reznick Thriller Series Book 1)

Urnalist I interviewed police and other law enforcement agents and the workings of these institutions have always fascinated me So when it came to conceiving a narrative it felt right to place the FBI close to the heart of the action in Hard Road And so my insight into the Meyerstein character was cemented by meeting FBI Special Agents in Miami and liaising extensively with their H in Washington throughout the writing of my book With regards the American landscape and character nothing beats going there The smells of the place The people Visiting less salubrious places off the beaten tracks away from tourist haunts The backstreets It all gives an author the sights and sounds they need to create a sense of place As far back as I can remember I ve been surrounded by American popular culture be it films books or TV shows I love American films from the s All the President s Men Serpico The Parallax View My favourite books are also from American writers people like James Lee Burke Thomas H Cook who wrote Red Leaves and as far back as the brilliant Henry James who wrote Washington Suare one of my favourite booksShots I ve already mentioned your journalism background which implies an organised or disciplined approach to your work I know making assumptions here But as a novelist are you a planner or do you simply plunge in and see what happens JB T Bit of both Hard Roadwas plotted but as the story developed I went with my instincts and the plot grew organically I think it s important not to become a slave to a plan or an outline Intuition and how the story feels is crucialShots Research first after or during the writing process JB T All of the above The research in my opinion never stops as a writer until the book is handed over to the publisherShots With all the death and mayhem in the pages of Hard Road including one scene where Reznick actually kills a man accidentally okay he was a baddie so no great loss do you find your family giving you the occasional sideways looks or have they become used to it JB T Whilst you re right that Hard Roadhasthan its fair share of murder and mayhem my family realize at least I hope they realize this is just the work of a fevered imagination Every author needs to trawl their imagination and dredge their darkest thoughts at least part of the timeShots Can you give us an idea about your next book JB T Jon Reznick is contacted by the FBI after a top American diplomat goes missingShots Thank you JB for your time and the very best of luck with your book.

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