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Linspired reveals the remarkable journey of the ultimate underdog Jeremy Lin superstar of the New York Knicks and the first American born player of ChineseTaiwanese descent to play in the NBA In spite of being cut by two NBA teams before he signed with the Knicks Lin always trusted that God had a plan for his life and his talents 'I'm not exactly su. This book describes the life of remarkable NBA player and human being Jeremy Lin who beat remarkable odds to break through like most inaccurate stereotypes to become an athletic uick point guard in the NBA Despite being named the California high school player of the year Lin did not receive a single D 1 scholarship offer after graduation Because he had the academic chops to go with his high D 1 basketball talent Lin attended and played basketball for Harvard The Ivy League does not offer athletic scholarships a fact verified to me when my daughter was recruited to play basketball at two Ivy League universitiesAfter graduating from Harvard Lin was invited to and excelled at the NBA Draft Combine Unfortunately he was not drafted Nonetheless Lin signed as an undrafted journeyman beginning with the Sacramento Kings Developmental League After being signed to a short contract with the New York Nets Lin finally got a chance to play meaningful game minutes because of the fortuitous injuries of players ahead of him on the depth chart Lin exploded onto the NBA scene by racking of eye popping statistics and game winning heroics such that his success as a previously unheard of player generated unheard of fan support both in the US and throughout the world His phenomenal breakthrough came to be called Linsanity After finishing his one season contract with the Nets Lin signed a large contact with the Houston Rockets The Rockets GM Daryl Morey after the signing admitted that Lin was not drafted by a single NBA team solely because of the inaccurate stereotype in America that Asians are not athletic despite Lin s outstanding performance at the Draft Combine including his clearly observable and identifiable incredible athleticism demonstrated by several Combine player measurements including that Lin had the uickest first move and fastest two steps of every player at the CombineDespite the stereotypical discrimination that relegated Lin to an unheard of bench warmer for several years he was always humble and did not complain about his poor treatment before Linsanity or from the fallout afterward when several sports commentators and NBA players made derogatory statements about his Asian features and the fact that he was only receiving special attention because he was simply a novelty in the NBA an Asian American starterThe idea of Linsanity had perhaps one of the greatest impacts on my ethnic Kazakh daughter who was adopted from KZ in Central Asia and our entire family During Linsanity those close to Jeremy Lin talked about the freuent ethnic and racial taunts chink gook How can you see the scoreboard with your slanted eyes etc hurled at Lin from opposing players and fans while playing for his California high school and AAU teams and even his Ivy League Harvard teams Because our family lives in Central Appalachia rather than open minded liberal areas such as California or the Northeast my daughter suffered from the same stereotypes that dogged Lin and she received also received many of the same taunts as Lin while playing for her middle school high school and Nike travel teams At a particularly troubling point in her life an Asian American Civil Rights group intervened on my daughter s behalf and filed a complaint in its own name on her behalf and conseuently the issue was covered by several media outlets and picked up in the Asian American mediaWhy am I dredging up my daughter s past in a book review Because of its relevance to the authenticity of Jeremy Lin as presented in this book While on tour in China Lin s mother called him from his family s California home to tell him what she had read in the Asian American media about my daughter s troubles and asked him to please call a little Asian girl my daughter going through exactly what he went through during his youth After returning to the US Lin had his manager set up a video call between Lin and my daughter between the Rockets daily practices He chatted with her for nearly 45 minutes discussing their shared experiences and offering advice on how to get through the difficult timesThat singular call did to return my daughter s confidence and encourage her to forge ahead than any advice she hadhas received before or since the call She did indeed forge ahead through many tough times excelling in basketball and tennis and receiving 50 athletic scholarship offers to play tennis and basketball at the next level and eventually accepting a rowing scholarship from a nationally ranked Big Ten university though she had never rowed beforeThis book is authentic and accurately portrays the life of Jeremy Lin up through his Linsanity years I give it my highest recommendationSeveral journalists wNBA general

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Re how it is all going to turn out but I know for a fact that God has called me to be here now in the NBA' says Lin in Linspired After weeks of sitting at the end of the bench a teammate's injury finally placed Lin on the court Since then he has captivated sports fans throughout the world with his tremendous skill and humble response to 'Linsanity'. LinspiredSonlly VangDecember 3 2016English 10 1 1 The author of the book Inspired I just finished is author Mike Yorkey He s an author who wrote over 75 books He loved writing Dr NIck Yphantides book My Big Fat Greek Diet as well as caddying for Michael Chang in a celebrity tournament with Ivan Lendl Feeling like he needed to start his journalism career we returned to Mammoth Lakes where he got to start at a small weekly resort newspaper Children arrived Andrea followed by Patrick Then in 1986 he received a huge break he then was hired by Focus on the Family a Christian ministry founded by Dr James Dobson to be the editor of Focus on the Family magazine He enjoyed eleven fantastic and satisfying years at Focus on the Family living in the Los Angeles area as well as Colorado Springs Colorado before moving back to San Diego to start a freelance career as an author and editor 2 If I am sure it was written in the United States where Jeremy Lin lives and went there and decided to write the book there of him Jeremy Lin was a high school student who wanted to go to Harvard College but then the they didn t accept him so he went to a smaller college and played for them instead and made a big timing 3 The time period that this book took place in was during Jeremy Lin s homing was in New York He basically started to go to the gym with his family to go play some games and founded a sudden like to basketball 4 The characters in this book is Jeremy his brother mother and father Jeremy is the main and the rest are the supporting characters He has his brother in which I don t remember much about but when they were younger he and his brother was playing at the gym His mother who totally was his hero someone who wanted Jeremy to succeed in life The mother would sometimes said something about Jeremy and make the people know how serious a mother of a Lin can be As for his father is just a father 5 The theme here is that although you might not be accepted to the best college you can be in another college showing to that college that you are better Show them who you can be and that you aren t a giver upper or someone that has that weakness You will have back ups and family supporters behind you to support you 6 He started going out at the gym with his family to go play Then so he started shooting hoots and loved them So he wanted to try out for basketball and he got in He decided that if most were tall he had to get tall and so he drunk lots of milks and got tall for this one year He was going into college and get everything up and running but then the college he chose didn t really let s say not chosen him So he went to a lower college school to get accepted He started playing in the games and gotten famous and attracted many people s attention I think it was the coach who said something like why did you come to this college instead of a better college He answered something which was a very long time ago I do not know He joined about two NBA teams but was cut off by them and he then join the New York Knicks Out of the games he just sat out of the court and watched them play every time until God has given him a chance to show the people who he really is So he played it like a pro and made scores which brought his team to the not loosing so much spot and not longer the first losers 7 If you think about it Jeremy was putting in his 10000 hours of practice This is an irony because it is trying to say lots but he meant for lots of time Let s not go there but the 800 pound gorilla in the draft room was that not Asian American player with his background had ever worn an NBA uniform This is an personification because it says a human like gorilla 8 At the time I was thinking if this doesn t work out I maybe needed to take a break from basketball The person speaking who said this uote is Jeremy Lin and he is a basketball NBA player He was stressing out of the NBA teams because they would find new better player or shut him out So he s gonna stop and wait to cool down the burning stress Jeremy had never failed at anything before He d been a straight A student achieved top scores in the SATs attended Harvard The speaker is the narrator which is Mike Yorkey who is talking about a person who can succeed at everything he has to do or like a leader In a state of near despair Jeremy wrote in his personal journal that he felt like a failure after putting up so much pressure on himself to make the NBA The one saying this is the narrator who is talking about Jeremy who has been struggling himself to where he doesn t know where he is

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Weighing in on this phenomenon are tennis's Michael Chang the first notable Asian American athlete Lin's pastor Stephen Chen and Pat Williams senior vice president of the Orlando Magic Other features include eight pages of full color photos and in depth interviews with Lin himself Here is the remarkable inside story of the meteoric rise of Jeremy Li. Linspired is a biography that gives a third person overview of the life struggles and perseverance of NBA player Jeremy Lin The book begins with Lin s parents how they raised Jeremy and his brothers and the influence of religion and academics on Jeremy Later on the book describes Lin s deep faith how he relied on God his successful high school years and how he struggled to get into a good college despite his excellent high school resume As an NBA player he also struggled but was able to play through it I love how this book shows Jeremy s life as proof of hard work rather than a coincidence But the interviews with Jeremy Lin in the book were too restricted in topic This book would be much credible if there was an interview with Jeremy about the major aspects of his life Besides that Yorkey s information is very in depth and cited well I recommend this book for anyone looking for a uality biography about hard work paying off

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    This book is about Jeremy Lin and how he faced hardships in the beginning but at the end it was well worth it It talks about his younger years and how he was really good at basketball in high school He was so good that he was taken out of games because he scored the maximum number of points allowed It also says that he scored an 80

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    This book is the inspiring biography of Jeremy Lin written by Mike Yorkey with Jesse Florea As a child Lin was not very interested in the sport of basketball but as he matured he grew to love the game Although he was a basketball player he was very small his freshman and sopho years in high school Once he graduated from high school Jeremy am

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    This book describes the life of remarkable NBA player and human being Jeremy Lin who beat remarkable odds to bre

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    Think that the book Linspired is a amazing book The book have good value and it special because talked about Story of Jeremy lin's life What i like about the book is that because it tell about how he achieve his goals when he was struggling trying to join the NBA and even in life The book hold my attention and it was interesting of how he was

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    LinspiredSonlly VangDecember 3 2016English 10 1 1 The author of the book “Inspired” I just finished is author Mike Yorkey He’s an author who wrote over 75 books He loved writing Dr NIck Yphantides' book My Big Fat Greek Diet as well as caddying for Michael Chang in a celebrity tournament with Ivan Lendl Feeling like he needed to start his journalism career we returned to Mammoth Lakes where he got to start at a small weekly resort new

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    I love basketball Admittedly I’m not a Knicks fan I’m a Boston Celtics fan They haven’t been much competition though I couldn’t resist

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    This book is about Jeremy Lin and is written by Mike Yorkey Mr Yorkey has written the well liked Playing with Purpose books and this new book about the famed basketball star will also not disappoint This book follows the beginning of Jeremy Lin’s basketball career It talks about how he got into the NBA and how much his family history and his family influenced him The author does well at writing about sports

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    Linspired is a biography that gives a third person overview of the life struggles and perseverance of NBA player Jeremy Lin The book begins with Lin’s parents how they raised Jeremy and his brothers and the influence of religion and academi

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    Author Mike YorkeyTitle LinspiredPg 170Genre Biography In the book Linspired it talks all about Jeremy Lin’s life Jeremy Lin is a Harvard graduate who has played for three NBA teams Also it is about how he had a rough life growing up and wanting to play basketball Next it is about his family and where they ca

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    It was good reading about Jeremy's story and how he became a NBA player I didn't realize how much hard work it was for him to train and play basketball ever since he was young Of course he enjoyed it too but mostly it was God who orchestrated his life and partly it was because of his environment His father's sudden interest in basketball a

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