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Hey stand for but these are desperate timesAs their deception increases so does the risk With the Empire’s deadliest secrets within reach Commander Michaels and the Archangels accept a mission that will take them even deeper into the Imperial fold They know all too well that one wrong step won’t just end their lives it could end their entire civilization. Audio book reviewThis was so much fun to listen to It s actually the first in a new series but the universe it exists in originates from the Odyssey One series This is my first time to read anything by this author so everything in it was new to meAs best I can tell the premise is that at the end of the Odyssey One series there is a truce of sorts between Earth and their allies with the Imperialists However no one believes the Empire is just going to let things lie So with brand new fighter ships that no one has seen before the Archangel suadron is given the task to go into deep space pretend to be pirates and start gathering intelligence What occurs is they find themselves assisting in a battle between two planets but in the process they learn a lot is going on from behind the scenes by the EmpireAudio Book ReviewI thoroughly enjoyed the drama and action this book presented over audio Archangel One is full of action and military space fights and listening to this made everything come alive from the story to the characters and to the stress they are all under If I had to choose between reading orders being given by a character or hearing orders being barked at to another character I ll choose the latter every time I will never go to space or participate in a space opera but listening to a space battle on audio has got to be the closest thing to it So much drama and actionThe story also has a wide range of characters in the book providing the narrator a lot of opportunities to shine with his many voices and accentsAlthough I loved the story and audio book I did have two very minor issues when listening First the audio speed was rather slow I m not someone who usually increases the speed of an audio book although I believe many do However the original speed was just a bit too slow for me to listen to so I felt I needed to increase it in order to make it feel a little natural sounding Doing so also created another positive action scenes come at you uicker and helped increase the intensity of the story The other issue is because it was a new series to me than anything else and that is how it was a little difficult at the beginning for me to distinguish where the different scenes take place In the book there is clearly a heading telling you where you are in the universe Earth Empire etc and it does get announced in the story but somehow my ears had trouble picking this up at first Thankfully I did have the book to fall back on and could uickly look to in these situationsOverall I found the story to have a cohesive order to it where circumstances don t feel out of place or position within the context of the story In general I am not very knowledgeable in spaceships and the science of them so I can t comment too much on that part but I found it was generally easy to pick up and understand I m already looking forward to the next book in the series when it comes out in January 2020Rating 45 stars

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Archangel One

An elite suadron must go undercover behind enemy lines in this thrilling new space adventure from the author of the Odyssey One series Humanity has reached an uneasy truce with the Empire but unless the allies bring the fight to the enemy extinction is all but assured In preparation for the inevitable next war Commander Stephen Michaels is at the helm of the. Author Currie likes to write series of books so be prepared Archangel One leads into Book2 which leads into Book3 etc I haven t read any of the others in this or another related series so this is what I liked about Archangel OneThis is as pure a space opera as you will encounter It has cool technology interesting cultures enemies who are three dimensional and battles that are worth the space devoted to them Currie makes discoveries in spacetime sufficiently plausible to keep things moving There is than one focus so be prepared for some time spent describing what has happened to Earth and its alliances as well as the Empire and several other cultures that lie between them The material included below is just to give you a sense of the levels of story on which Currie chooses to operate The space warp drive did open up the local arm of the galaxy to exploration but in terms of logistical movement for military purposes the accessible range was much smaller You need to push that heap harder Alex said The Imps are gaining on you and you re just not putting enough kick in your pants to open the range Tell me something I don t know This heap needs a tuning pronto They ve just let the poor baby rust from the inside out I swear some people don t deserve nice things It ain t nice enough to lose your life for Steph I m too good looking to die Alex Steph responded Too damn stupid to know you re dead is like it she yelled in response She was getting really sick of hearing his laughter over the commsThe problem with that idea was of course that stealthing a gravity signature was supposedly impossible Gravity could be twisted and tamed otherwise a ship the likes of an Imperial cruiser could never approach a populated planet The gravity of her singularity core would utterly disrupt any populace with tidal forces the likes of which no one wanted to live through However it was uite impossible supposedly to disguise the uantum signature of any universal mass You could make the universe treat mass in different ways similar to how one might convert matter to energy and vice versa but that did not in any way negate the fact that the mass existed I m no expert I know but is a warp ship supposed to be this close to a large gravity source while under power the Marine asked Nope Okay that s what I thought Apparently satisfied that his boss either knew what he was doing or was completely crazy the Marine fell silent seemingly fine with either outcome Steph grinned 35

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Archangel Suadron and his orders are simple go rogueDisguised as mercenaries Commander Michaels and the Archangels seek valuable intelligence on their imposing foe Their mission takes them deep into uncharted territory where they make inroads with the Empire fiercely guarding their true identities and purpose Fighting for the enemy goes against everything t. I ve been following Evan Currie s Odyssey One series for several years now and yes loving this military scifi seriesNow new technology has created the Archangel Suadron of ships to be led by Commander Stephen Stephanos Michaels Their orders are to impersonate mercenaries as they move into deep space seeking intelligence to help defeat the EmpireI love the action the technology and the characters in these books Archangel One gives Stephanos a larger role in this parallel series connected to the larger Odyssey series but focusing on the mission of intelligence gatheringStephanos with his willingness to take risks is perfect for the mission These books are like graphic novels in many ways There s a screenplay uality to this series and the books are action not character driven The characters are likable and I appreciate the continuity from book to book with its ensemble cast The books are great fun full of suspense and hard to put down NetGalle47 NorthMilitary SciFi Sept 1 2019 Print length 272 pages

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    Author Currie likes to write series of bo

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    Archangel One is an exhilarating novel but they were times when the novel was overly descriptive and technical

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    A military scifi novel about a suadron of new high powered spaceships and a plan to infiltrate the all consuming Empire that rules over the galaxy The Archangel ships are designed by Earth and its allies to fly faster and with ease in controls than any fighter ever Yet the brunt force and shear number of the Empire’s force causes the Earth’s forces to get creative Their idea to go undercover as ‘privateers’ in order to find intell

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    uite good

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    I've been following Evan Currie's Odyssey One series for several years now and yes loving this military scifi seriesNow ne

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    Great readI love the into the black series the next instalment can never come fast enough Great work keep it up

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    Audio book reviewThis was so much fun to li

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    WellI made a mistake and did not do proper research on this before picking it up Apparently there is a larger series called Odyssey Onewhere we meet all the characters and get a start of the story and its development Archan

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    I would love to give thanks to Evan Currie and his Publisher 47North via NetGalley for providing me a copy of Archangel One to read for an honest review All thoughts are my ownI would like to start off by saying that sci fi is usually a hit or miss genre for me I tend to really enjoy it or not like it at all On top of that I found out that

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    'Archangel One' by author Evan Currie is an exciting fun adventure Currie takes his readers into the fringes of meagerly populated deep space on a newly developed agile top of the line space fighter Archangel One Commander Steph Micha

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