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Passions to enjoy Little does he suspect where those burning passions will lead him or that his most explosive battle will be the fight to claim Morgain for his ownMerlyn and Morgain go head to head and heart to heart to save all they hold dear but the price may be than they can imagineor endur.

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Avalons Price Legacy of Prator #3

War is coming to claim King Arthur's legacy the vulnerable heir to Camelot hiding on the tiny island of PratorMorgain le Fay can't forget her vow to powerful magnetic Merlyn even though the wizard went missing decades ago True to her promise she does what she can to help King Arthur's bloodline.

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All the while missing the man she cannot stand Merlyn who spurned her for another then abandoned her when she needed him mostBelieving himself betrayed by Morgain Merlyn finally breaks free of his prison in the Crystal Cave He has a score to settle with that wicked faerie battles to fight and.

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