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Sobre a Literatura e uase a mesma coisa “Sobre A Literatura” reúne 18 ensaios de Umberto Eco centrados na uestão da literatura Os textos são fruto da participação do autor em encontros simpósios e congressos literários De Aristóteles a Borges passando pela fina ironia de Oscar Wild. Seen this film by Luc BessonA 21 hour plane trip is usually the only chance I have to watch a few films The last long journey I made offered such a dismal selection that for this trip I was already packed with every single one of those books on my currently reading list and determined to finish each and write a review whilst on the first and longest leg of my two sector flightThe best laid plans of ants and a personI decided to start with Umberto Eco and following my fickle habit I opened his book at random Oh yes I d already read the first few essays and jumped ahead to the last two so now I was left with the real guts of the book what lay between its coversAt this point you might be asking yourself why would a self professed I am not a literary critic bother with Eco s On Literature The answer roams around and finally arrives at this in a prior romantic incarnation I d been given The Name of the Rose by my one time lover and told to broaden my mind Eco exploded my mind Don t ask me why I m excellent at remembering my feelings and a disaster at remembering the reasons But as an attempt it had something to do with the allure of Europe still to be explored mediaeval history I know very little mystery yes please and double entendre which I probably didn t realise and still don tAt some point after that I read Foucault s Pendulum in that miserable after life one endures for a while when a relationship implodes Eco impressed me still I stranded myself within The Island of the Day Before and came to an abrupt and crashing halt in the first pages of Baudolino Eeyyuuwwhh What happened Mr Eco We d been enjoying such a lovely dalliance until you stuffed your character with his testicles and paraded him naked through the streets lined with a screaming mob baying for his blood The allegory lost me And so did EcoUntil one day a few weeks ago I was browsing in a little bookshop in the bowels of the Dandy Mall located on Cairo Alexandria Road just at the toll gates exiting Greater Cairo It s usually a safe bet for kids books and as serendipity would have it On Literature happened to be falling from the top of a Pisa pile of books I picked it up and rifled though it curious with that nonchalant distance time delights in using to craze the patina of a by gone affair Something hooked me and now I know why But I needed a film which I ve just finished watching to put On Literature into perspective to show me how Eco s thoughts relate to a modern interpretation and playful satire on our popular film cultureFollowing my re acuaintance with Mr Eco we re both too old now for that first flush of infatuation I needed a change of scene Unlike previous lacklustre film offerings this flight had a dazzling array Italian German Japanese Indian not too mention two gorgeous sounding filmed operas Das Rheingold and Le Nozze di Figaro The Social Network was also premiering and to keep the peace with my partner I agreed to watch it and I recommend it also but the description of Luc Besson s eccentric sounding film hooked me as my first choiceIf you haven t seen it and I recommend you do The Extraordinary Adventures of Miss Adele Blanc Sec is the perfect visual example of Mr Eco s thoughts on how literature informs itself and makes itself culturally apt for the audience of each age Umberto Eco is no true intellectual literary snob He may deplore the use of dictionally inappropriate language metaphor allegory but he welcomes the evolution of expression the directness of unloaded language In a world where the man in the street cannot speak even the poet must remain silentchokengistitikchokeng157Signposts note Eco cautions against the use of the word symbol abound throughout the film in a funny fantastic bizarre way It demonstrates the intertextual irony of which Eco writes if you don t know what happened to the Titanic you won t understand the fate of our heroine Ms Blanc Sec or Dry White as in wine if you prefer English see what I mean If you haven t read Michael Crichton s Jurassic Park the use of a pterodactyl will seem as good a choice as any for a creature hatched from a prehistoric egg and which apparently informs the design of our modern feathered friends Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkahban receives due homage in a daring flight of rescue and Ms Blanc Sec herself seems an intrepid heroine without our knowing that she is pre dated by Indiana Jones and Lara CroftThe noir of the film is all French all Besson Eco notes how our interaction with a text is never devoid of our own circumstances any reading of a book on its own merits without acknowledging how our personal experiences inform how we respond to a book is at best naive Having lived in Paris I recommed a sub titled version if you don t speak French rather than dubbed and being familiar with Besson s cinematic style only made my experience of this film richer But Besson doesn t exclude just as Eco postulates writing weaves meaning at than one level of sophistication so even if you haven t lived in or visited Paris for any length of time this film will still appealLike Eco the fiction writer Besson is a director who dares cross established genre borders and upsets both sides of the establishment commercial vs indie as well as the Atlantic US vs Eureopean But he never loses sight of his primary goal Regardless of his delight in pushing the envelope Besson focusses on entertaining his audience And that is the point of the tantalisingly brief last essay of Eco s collection avoid the narcissism of writing for oneself There is only one thing that you write for yourself and that is a shopping listEvery other thing that you write you write to say to something to someoneOne writes only for a reader Whoever says she writes only for herhimself is not necessarily lying It is justfrighteningly atheistic Even from a rigourously secular point of viewdesperate is the writer who cannot address a future readerchokengistitikchokeng334Eco in his essay on the anxiety of influence pp118 135 acknowledges himself to be the inept musician replaying his version of the melodies belonging to those to whom he owes the debt of influence That sense of awe he holds for Borges limpidly classical style I have for his lyrically contemporary ownAnd so I encourage anyone who feels as I do a flea clinging to the coat tails of the geniuses of narrative who have soared before us to paraphrase the words of two GR friends for whom I have the utmost respect write your words your music your scripts for your audience who will be uplifted and inspired and re affirmed by what we strive to re create just as we have been by our own masters

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E Umberto Eco revela os bastidores de grandes clássicos literários e ensina a ler e compreender escritores imortais Uma coletânea para estudiosos críticos e amantes de literatura Em “uase A Mesma Coisa” Umberto Eco consagrado intelectual contemporâneo levanta uestões importantes sobr. The ever erudite Umberto Eco The fan will find much to learn from this collection the others might find the occasional gem but also the occasional drudging essay Particularly noteworthy are Borges and My Anxiety of Influence which gives the clearest discussion of how literary influence flows and in which direction and Intertextual Irony and Levels of Reading which discusses the palimpsestic nature of any text

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E o processo de tradução Com seu estilo envolvente Eco aborda diferentes pontos de vista e utiliza exemplos concretos para discutir os problemas de se traduzir Inspirado por conferências na Toronto University e em Oxford este livro é uma empolgante viagem pelos grandes desafios da linguage. uote I hated the wretches who roam around aimlessly in gangs and kill people by throwing stones from a highway bridge or setting fire to a child whoever these people are turn out this way because they are excluded from the universe of literature and from those places where through education and discussion they might be reached by a glimmer from the world of values that stems from and sends us back again to books

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    Seen this film by Luc Besson?A 21 hour plane trip is usually the only chance I have to watch a few films The last long jou

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    There's an essay in this collection titled On Camporesi Blood Body Life In it Eco writes about Piero Camporesi who in his writing apparently invites us to look inside ourselves not just emotionally but viscerally in terms of blood and body Eco finds this very strange uniue and suggests perhaps sarcastically but I

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    These speeches on Literature that make up this book were perhaps the most difficult thing I've ever read Many things I didn't understand but many others left me in awe 4 stars therefore plus 1 for the Greek translator I can't even begin to comprehend what knowledge is needed to perform this task

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    The ever erudite Umberto Eco The fan will find much to learn from this collection; the others might find the occasional g

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    Umberto Eco has been an author whose works I have been trying to finish albeit unsuccessfully for uite some time now I have tried twice to finish 'Name of the rose' but gave up half way in the process for want of a better reason Foucault's Pendulum was no better either The books seemed to mock me ' you need to read much better th

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    The book is a collection of rewritten essays on literature from the past 20 to 30 years The range of topics in the book is vast and for someone who me is neither an expert nor a student of the field some of them are beyond difficult to follow However the essays that deal with Eco's own novels and other familiar books are very enjoyable What I appreciate the most is the chance to learn how someone with actual knowledge o

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    As always Eco is brilliant clear and factual on all things he has to say Some of the articles reuires understanding of Italian literature or classical literature which I skipped because my lack of knowledge But those on symbolism perception of American culture in Italy and particularly 'How I write?' and the 'The power of falsehood

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    The book is a collection of essays written by Umberto Eco for various conferences On Some Functions of Literature 2000 Literature keeps language alive It creates a shared body of stories and characters Different authors each given them their own spin but their core is part of the collective consciousness A Reading of the Paradiso 2000 Paradiso is about light which was an important concept to medieval readers and thinkers Cathedrals are a

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    uote I hated the wretches who roam around aimlessly in gangs and kill people by throwing stones from a highway bridge or set

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    On Literature opened my eyes to the horizons of literary criticism Caveat I knew nothing about lit crit then and

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